IT security Risk (Remote)

Location: USA, USA, United States
Date Posted: 08-23-2016
As a Penetration Tester, you are a member of the Cyber Security organization comprised of more than 150 cyber security professionals. The Ethical Hacking Team (EHT) uses cutting edge techniques and technologies across a diverse set of applications, infrastructure components, and platforms. On a daily basis, you will work with members of the Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, Information Security and Security Operations teams. Your primary responsibilities, as a penetration tester, are to perform security testing and educate clients on the discovered vulnerabilities and their inherent risks. Your work week will be M-F during normal business hours. On occasion, off hour work will be required depending on environment being tested; this will offset your normal workday for a total of a 40 hour work week. *Job Profile Manages the day-to-day operations and effectiveness of security-related programs and initiatives. Assesses the costs associated with potential threats and solutions required to eliminate or minimize threats. Leads in the development, implementation and enforcement of organization-wide security risk assessment and control standards, policies and procedures . Manages activities for IT risks control in business operations; ensures that the server, network operations and applications are compliant with security procedures, systems, and policies . Monitors and assesses business needs against security concerns and recommends necessary changes to enhance information systems security . Develops training on information security risk metrics, polices, risk migration and elimination procedures for staff; coordinates with audits and suppliers on information security improvement . Leadership Competencies Core Competencies Manages Risk - Working Experience Assesses and effectively manages all of the risks associated with their business objectives and activities to ensure activities are in alignment with the bank's and unit's risk appetite and risk management framework. Customer Focus - Extensive Experience Knowledge of the values and practices that align customer needs and satisfaction as primary considerations in all business decisions, and ability to leverage that information in creating customized customer solutions. Job Specific Competencies Firewall Management - Basic Experience Knowledge of the methods, techniques and processes to install, maintain and update firewall systems; ability to use these to control the access of business information, both allowing passage to authorized sources and denying passage to unauthorized sources. IT Standards, Procedures & Policies - Working Experience Knowledge of and the ability to utilize a variety of administrative skill sets and technical knowledge to manage organizational IT policies, standards, and procedures. Problem Management - Working Experience Knowledge of the processes involved in problem control, error control and the production of management information; the ability to identify the root cause of problems in a timely and accurate manner and bring them to a successful resolution. INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT - Working Experience Knowledge of and the ability to manage the processes, tools, techniques and practices for assuring adherence to standards associated with accessing, altering and protecting organizational data. IT Architecture - Working Experience Knowledge of and ability to design and improve organizational IT structures and blueprints in order to better support business operations and efficiently achieve organizational objectives. Data Governance - Working Experience Knowledge of and the ability to develop and maintain an organization's data in order to meet business requirements. Technical Writing/Documentation - Working Experience Knowledge of the technical language and writing approach, and the ability to write paper-based and on-line technical reference documentation (guidelines, standards, procedures, processes, applications, etc.) Required Education and Experience Roles at this level typically require a university / college degree, with 5+ years of industry-relevant experience. Specific certifications are often required. In lieu of a degree, a comparable combination of education and experience may be considered. *Position City PA - Pittsburgh Location(s) OH - Cleveland PA - Pittsburgh OH - Columbus Remote
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